Kifikids Mat Large Floor Protector for High Chair

Kifikids waterproof floor protector mat.

Our multi-purpose mat is the perfect solution to protect floors and tables from messy eaters and little artists. Our mats are waterproof, made with stain-resistant fabric and machine washable.

You can use Kifikids floor protector mat on the table, or below kids armchair on the ground while they are eating. You can also use them on the floor while they are painting/playing with paints or all messy stuff! Kifikids floor protector can also be used on any surface while changing diapers.

Kifikids Floor Protector Mat is designed to be big, 150cm x 120cm to be big enough to use on any occasion. Kifikids Floor Protector Mat is also placed in a waterproof bag (24cmx35cm) that can be used to carry Kifikids Floor Protector Mat or any wet/dirty clothes of your kids.

All products are produced with OEKO-TEX 100 standards, does not include any harmful substances or ink for your little ones. Can be washed at washing machine at low temperature, but do not tumble-dry.